Friday, February 29, 2008

Current WIP

Current WIP (work in progress) is an erotic futuristic novella. It's called Criminal Passions and takes place in a futuristic Chicago. The heroine is a cop while the hero is a sex bordello owner. During this time, sex has been outlawed in certain regions of the world. The length will only be about 20-25K making it a novella. For some strange reason I've developed writing block concerning my hero. There's great conflict between the hero and heroine just for the simple fact that the heroine is a cop searching for the owner of the bordello, who turns out to be the hero. I've just been having problems with discovering my hero's internal conflict-what makes him tick. Hope I finish!


Laura Elliott said...

I only managed to write 250 words so far. I hope you're doing better than me!

Ahirah Towns said...

Nope. Haven't even started. I'm thinking about putting my current WIP on the back burner and work on something else. This current WIP is a novelle and it was supposed to be part of an anthology done my members of my yahoo group. It seems like no one has really started on their story and it was due back in February.

So at this point I can either just finish it up. Work on another WIP that needs completion or start another story.

Laura Elliott said...

I mentioned you today in my blog post.