Tuesday, April 15, 2008

B-day coming soon!

Musings from Ahirah: In a couple of days and I will turn 33 years old. On April 17th to be exact. I can't believe it. When I look in the mirror I see someone still in college, senior year that is. I don't know what hubby or friends have in plan for me. I do know, I wish I could take off from work but because of a state given test I must be present the entire day. So that mean no taking off early. Oh well, can't win everything. Not sure if I will celebrate on Thursday or wait till the weekend. Will keep you posted and let you know what great gifts I get. "Towns" wanted to take me to dinner but instead I asked if I could go shopping for clothes. She agreed and gave me a limit of $100. Isn't she awesome! That's why I love her. Now you know why I write with her.

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unwritten© said...

Happy Birthday AK, wishing you the best year ever! Enjoy and keep grabbing your blessings~