Saturday, April 12, 2008


Musings by Ahirah We all have them right? I was surfing and trying to come up with a blog entry today. I checked out some comments from my readers and responsed back to Unwritten© and checked out her blog. Can we first say, I love the music. Please go and check it out and get your jam on. One of her entries talked about obsessions. I found it so funny and strange to find out someone else out there has the same obsession of buying journals or notebooks for no other reason but to have them. I know call me crazy but its something about the beautiful design of the cover or perhaps the crisp clean paper inside. I typically buy them to use as journals and will try and write in it each day but to no avail. After 4 days I forget and never pick the dang thing up again. Lately, I've been notebooks so I can carry them around with so when the fever strikes me to write I'm not writing things on napkins or heavens forbid my hand. Just like Unwritten, I also have a complex concerning my handwriting. Whenever I write in the dang things, I hate how my style of writing looks. Sometimes I have been known to rip the page out if it doesn’t look good. Say it with me...CRAZY!!! I also have another obsession. PENS! I love writing with different kinds of pens, all shapes and colors. I really like the gel kind. Something about the gliding effort…I don’t know…just call me crazy Ahirah-THE OBSESSED WRITER OF PAPER AND PENS. What’s your obsession?


Ladytink_534 said...

Yeah I like a good clean notebook myself and nothing is better than a favorite cheap pen that works perfectly. I can't say I really have an obsession unless you count the fact that I can't sleep without my own pillows. Thanks for the visit! Come back any time

Ahirah Towns said...

Thanks LadyTink. I just added you to my favorite blogs. I really like the books you have reviewed. We really have similiar taste. You should read Charmed written by Koko Brown(published by Ellora's Cave) It is a vampire book and very good.

Ahirah Towns said...

This comment is from Tabitha Shay who is having some problems leaving a comment:

My obsession is also ink pens, every color, shape and style. I can't resist a fine point pen. Don't care much for ball points tho....You may post this on comments on ur site if you want to, up to you....Tabitha Shay

Ahirah Towns said...


I like the medium point pens. I don't really care for the ball points that much either.

What I really used to love was the pens with the erases on them.

Does anyone remember those?

They came in blue, black and red. I can't find them to save my life now. I have to go on Ebay and see if I can find them there.

They were great. when I made a mistake I could just erase away. I wish the gel pen had erases on them.

unwritten© said...

LOL you know I had to come over here and laugh, cause I see myself in your obsessions. I luv pens too but ain't it weird to find someone out there with the same kind of obsessions as you.

Thanks for the shoutout!!!

Koko Brown said...

My obsessions...I would think are the, love, love to surf the internet.