Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do you write to be happy?

Musings from Towns: I'm "Towns" the second half of the dynamic duo that comprises Ahirah Towns. Ahirah and I met three years ago both working in corporate America and hating every minute of it. However one thing we both shared was a love of reading. After a while we both admitted that we'd always wanted to write a book. We decided to take the plunge and try our hand at writing. What kind of book you ask-romance of course! What could it hurt. Haven’t you heard two minds are better than one? So Ahirah Towns was born. I’m the sensual one while Ahirah loves the erotic side of romance. It’s a nice melting of the minds. Regardless, Ahirah Towns is the hidden writer in both of us. As a little girl, reading transported me to another world were ghost and goblins were real and anything was possible. Growing up I learned in history class about civilizations that had risen and fallen only to become immortalized through stories telling. I write now because I want my stories and ideas to be passed down to others so they too can be shifted from the everyday hustle and bustle of the real world and see a different world through my writing. Musings from Ahirah: I was so happy to see “Towns” post on the blog. She’s new to this so give her some time. I was just about to work on our newest WIP, The Warriors of the Elementals: Precious Metal. As I was opening up the first chapter I started thinking about why I write. Do I write to be happy? Or do I write for the glory of becoming a published writer? I think the answer is both. I love writing. I wrote a young adult romance back in high school with a good friend of mine. We typed it up and even had our English teacher proofread it for us. We were supposed to get it copyrighted and then send it out to publisher but alias we never did. Chalk it up to youth and not being confident. Well I’m older now and have more confident in myself. Now don’t get me wrong some days that confident level goes down when I go back and reread what I just wrote. That’s when I stop and think: What in the world am I doing? I need to stick to my day job. I’m married and have a great career so why do I come home from a busy work day and jump on the computer writing about different worlds and the alpha men that rule in them? It’s simple…I love it! I enjoy plotting out exciting new worlds and discovering new characters that scream at me to get their story told. My dream is to be published and have others read something that I’ve written. So in this regard, I write to be happy and in the process free up my soul with all these different plots running through my mind.


Elizabeth Amber said...

Hi Ahirah!

I think it's great that you're writing as a team. I look forward to seeing you in print.

Keep writing!

Elizabeth Amber
erotic historical paranormal romance
Kensington Aphrodisia

Ahirah Towns said...

Thanks Elizabeth. I truly do enjoy writing together. Having two creative minds is better than one I always say. When I get stuck on a chapter "Towns" takes over and vice versa. It's hard working full time and having enough energy to write though. It's a balancing act to say the least.

Lynnsplanet said...

Hi, Ladies -

Why don't you tell the readers a bit about some of the stories you have in the works?

April said...


Hotmail keeps bouncing my email to you. I'm not ignoring you--I promise! If there's another email address I can use, please let me know.

Angela Knight said...

Personally, I write because it's a compulsion. I love writing, and I'd probably write if I never got published at all. I write for love. :)

Ahirah Towns said...

That's beautiful Angela. I love how you said it's compulsion. You feel the urge and you must answer it. That's how I feel.

Of course sometimes I'm like what am I doing? Those are the days the characters are not giving me any love what so ever. Then I'm like why am I writing.

I do enjoy it. Listening to music really helps me get into the characters head.

©hoklateRain said...

I'm so glad I came across your blog. Writing is a new muse I recently discovered, and I'm having so much fun breathing life into the characters living inside my mind. After having a rough day with a clog kitchen sink and mentally brainstorming I'm INSPIRED! Keep up the writing and I can't wait to read what's on your mind via blogging :)

shhhhh... everybody sleeping! said...
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shhhhh... everybody sleeping! said...

another congratz because you took the first step --- where others just talk or dream about writing... I was one of those too ;) now I'm keystroking and backspacing. I can't wait to read your work. Your attitude is soooo positive.

Ahirah Towns said...

Thanks. We really appreciate that. If we don't think we'll get published who will.