Sunday, March 9, 2008

E-publishers vs. NY publishers

Musings from Ahirah: When I read everyone's comments on my last post Hot Topics! I had to stop and smile. It feels good to know I’m not alone in my thinking. I agree with Angela Knight. I agree that RWA’s magazine-RWR-has only printed letters that bash the genre of erotic romance. If RWA as an organization doesn’t feel that erotic romances should fall under their guidelines why do they allow us to join? Why don’t they just admit that they don’t like erotic romances? Do they feel it corrupts the genre of romance as a whole? Perhaps they feel that sex is not a part of romance? Could it be they want our membership dues? Makes me wonder that's for sure! It seems where ever I log on to this topic is hot on the minds of romance writers. Because of certain guidelines a writer of erotic romance who publishes with an E-publisher instead of a NY publisher by RWA standards may actually not be an AUTHOR. Sure that person developed the characters. Outlined the plot. Typed up the words. Revised it. Edited it. Created a synopsis. Submitted it. Waited with their fingers crossed. Got the acceptance email. Smiled as their readers commented on their website and blog. Jumped for joy when they got that very first review of their book. Imagine if you will to their dismay, their writing organization which they pay $75 to join, now tell them that even though they did the same amount of work as an writer who got a contract with a well known NY publishing house, they are NOT A PUBLISHED AUTHOR because their smaller E-publisher doesn’t give out advances. If you’re reading this with me, let’s say it together…THAT’S A BUNCH OF CRAP!!! If E-pub authors are putting in the same time developing a story, marketing and everything else it takes to get published and gain a reader fan base, who has the right to say that person is not an author? There is a difference from being a writer and being a author. Anyone can write. Kids are writers. But once someone takes the time to read what you wrote and decide that the rest of the world needs to read what you wrote you are officially an author. It shouldn’t matter if the only way a reader can get your book is by downloading your book instead of wasting gas going to the bookstore. Yes, I know they can buy it online from places like but don’t forget about the shipping charges. Erotic romance writers need to unite and perhaps think about creating their own separate organization where the only goal will be to make sure all their members, no matter the types of words used in their story or final word count of the story, become published authors in whatever format the author wants-PDF file or paper.


Kate S said...

Honey, you just hit on several of the many reasons I didn't renew my membership for this year.

They take the money from all those hardworking writers out there, but don't consider them "published". This is true not just for those who are e-pubbed, but also for those of us who write short stories and novellas.

Further, because (according to the RWA) those writers "aren't published", those same authors aren't allowed to attend special meetings, convention topics, etc.

They pay the same dues as everyone else, but don't receive the same benefits.

Since there aren't two tiers of dues for the two tiers of members, I decided to keep my money this year.

Ahirah Towns said...

I've also been thinking about not renewing. The only reason why I haven't is because I like my chapter group and entering in contests.

No RWA member ID, no entering into contests or going to the local chapter meetings. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I think others feel the same way.

Membership to RWA affects people differently but especially the writer who is trying to get published-the newbie.

New writers learn so much by going to their local chapters once a month. True, they can find similar workshops online but its something about networking with people who you can see that gives it that special touch.

Something has to be done. I just don't honestly know what.

Tina Marie Salsman said...

I totally agree. I love reading erotic romances from Ellora's Cave and other e-publishers. I LOVE Angela Knights books and many, many others. Some of my favorite authors started publishing with Ellora's Cave and continue to do so. I also think it's great that more and more of these books are being printed into book form.

If you don't like erotic romances, then don't read them. There are MANY different types of romances and genres. You don't see erotic writers bashing inspirational romances.

I just joined RWA this past December and I was very dissapointed to see those letter in the magazine. Perhaps, we should all write letters to the editor.

Great blog!

Tina (from the outreach first chapter workshop)

shhhhh... everybody sleeping! said...

You made a good point because this is the genre I have a passion for- erotic romance. It would be nice to see those in this genre form their own organization as well as uniting with others if that's possible. I don't know much about RWA since I'm new to the (muse) industry but I'm learning each day thanks to your blog and others. WOW I'm absorbing all the info... keep sharing :)