Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rejection, Hate It!

Musings from Ahirah: Well received our first rejection email from Red Sage. I sent in the first three chapters along with the last chapter on March 11. The rejection came 6 days later. That sure was quick! Here a short blurb about the story: Virgin Territory (novella)-Futuristic Leaving a local nightclub, Chantille Mills wishes her life was different. Tonight will be a night of firsts for the thirty-three year old virgin as she’s suddenly accosted by two studs, which scuttle her on an intergalactic space ship headed for the Planet Subta as a sex trainer in The Pleasure Temple... A twist of fate forces Chantille to be the unwitting trainer of Prince Jarood G’araccia, a strong willed young prince next in line to rule the throne. Soon two unlikely lovers who are worlds apart discover that life never turns out the way you expect especially when you explore virgin territory… Sounds hot and spicy doesn’t it. I’m going to review it for errors and send back to our critique group. I really like the plot and the characters. I’m thinking of adding more to it, maybe one or two scenes to help flush out the characters and give more description of the planet.


©hoklateRain said...

Aww sorry about the rejection- sound like a good story. I rec'd my first rejection earlier this month. I guess I'm apart of the elite group of writings now. Wishing your success on your story.

Ahirah Towns said...

Thanks @choklaterian. It hurt but I'm glad its over with. It just makes me stronger and makes me grow as a writer. It's thats what is most important-to grow as a writer?

shhhhh... everybody sleeping! said...

I'm curious about your experiences with critique groups as a new writer- would you please share???